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What's New

 Posted 14 Jan 2021

Now listed. Changes from the previous model have been highlighted.


Posted 14 Jan 2021

Product Updates

We have been very busy revising many listings as manufacturers introduce newly updated products. Arrma has been the busiest introducing numerous new models and we prioritize changes to their line as it is probably our best seller. Changes have been made to the HB Racing buggy listings with the introduction of the RS versions of the 819 Nitro and Electric models. Mugen has updated the MBX8 to the Worlds Edition (nitro) and the Team Edition (electric). We will shortly have the Kyosho MP10e (electric) listed and hope they can get other popular models back in the supply chain. We have added selections from the Corally and Redcat product lines and hope to add more choices. Traxxas supply has been down but we are seeing a bit of a resurgence recently.


Posted 2 Apr 2019

We now have the D819 parts in stock. (there may be a slight delay before they show on the website as our inventory control software syncs with eBay)


New Features include;

- 1 piece engine mount
- Narrow hex hubs
- 1 piece sway bar links
- Heavy duty spur gear
- JConcepts Silencer S15 clear body
- Front & rear diff pinion
- Center outdrive system
- Revised graphite rear hub carrier plates
- Engine mount cams
- Revised B Mount suspension geometry


Posted: 11 Jan 2019



Posted: 27 Jan 2018

The HPI Venture is now in stock

as is the Hot Bodies D817 V2



Posted: 8 May 2017

We now have parts for the Arrma Talion listed.
Most parts are interchangeable with the Kraton or the Outcast.


Posted: 7 May 2017

We now have parts for the Arrma Fazon listed.
Most parts are interchangeable with the Nero.


Posted: 3 Mar 2017

Listed parts for the Savage XL Flux here this morning.
Some parts sold out quickly but we will have more available later today.

Posted: 28 Feb 2017


HPI has started to release their new Savage XL Flux and we have been able to get our hands on a few. We are still building our parts listings but should have them ready very soon.

The Savage XL FLUX combines the awesome raw power of 6S LiPo brushless power with the stability of a long wheelbase in the legendary Savage HPI monster truck package! The colossally powerful FLUX 2200KV motor is ready for all the power you can run through it, and the FLUX 6S-capable electronic speed controller is fully capable of up to 22.2 volts of power to let you pull off giant stunts and jaw-dropping speed. The Savage XL FLUX is packed with options and ready to rock right out of the box! 


Posted: 24 Feb 2017

The NEW X-Maxx is Now in Stock

The new X-Maxx (Traxxas product #74086-4) has had a number of upgraded parts incorporated  that are also sold by Traxxas as the Power-UP 8S Upgrade Kit. The list below shows where we now sell the upgraded parts that they sell as the upgrade kit;

  • VXL-8s Electronic Speed Control (TRA3496)  (sold by itself)
  • Motor Cooling Fan Assembly (TRA3474) (sold by itself)
  • Cush Drive Assembly (sold in our Spur Gear & Slipper Clutch set )
  • Torque-Biasing Center Drive (sold in our Spur Gear & Slipper Clutch set )
  • Metal Driveshaft Assembly (4) (sold as part of the assembled fr/r r drive shafts)
  • Stub Axle (4) (sold as part of the assembled fr/rr drive shafts)
  • Upper and Lower Rear Bulkhead (included in our plastic parts set)
  • Wheelie Bar (TRA7776) (sold by itself)
  • Transmission Input Gear
  • Drive Cup (4) - Sold with the front/rear diff
  • 18-T Pinion Gear (not available w/X-Maxx, see E-Revo)
  • 15-T Pinion Gear (sold by itself)
  • Differential Ring Gear (2) (sold as part of the upgraded front or rear diff)
  • Front Differential Pinion Gear (sold in our Spur Gear & Slipper Clutch set )
  • Rear Differential Pinion Gear (sold in our Spur Gear & Slipper Clutch set )